Most Searched for Soccer Players

Our friends at LADbible asked the Pornhub Insights team to find out who are the most searched for soccer players worldwide in 2019. From a rather extensive list of who’s who in ball play, our statisticians were able to narrow down the following Top 10 most searched for players.


2019 Greek Election

The 2019 Greek legislative election was held on July 7th, 2019. Voting is compulsory in Greece, so Vice Greece asked the Pornhub Insights team to see if there was any effect on traffic and searches on the 7th and 8th.


Temptation Island Italy

After the last episode of Temptation Island’s 2019 series we decided to look at Pornhub’s visitor traffic from Italy along with Rolling Stone Italia, to see if this summer’s record tv program was enough to take people’s attention away from Pornhub.


Alien Insights

Thanks to a Facebook event called “Storm Area 51”, 1.5 million people have RSVP’d their interest in breaching the top secret military base in Nevada to find out what’s really been going on there. It’s hard to say if anyone will actually show up and defy the U.S. government, but Mashable asked if this has had any effect on Pornhub’s searches. Our statisticians soon found out that thousands of (on-planet) visitors are already preparing for an extraterrestrial encounter by checking the ins and outs of alien sex on Pornhub.


New Zealand Insights

The New Zealand Herald asked the Pornhub Insights team to take a closer look at the viewing habits of their nation. While New Zealand ranks 125th worldwide for population, it pulls in an impressive 27th for traffic coming to Pornhub. New Zealand’s rank has increased over the last several years from 32 in 2017 and 34 in 2016. In our previous Year in Review we found that New Zealand ranked 13th for annual pageviews per capita.


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